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     Premiere MAY 7th     

Originating from poems, then manifesting in images which inspired music to create embodied sound and movement pieces, elevated is a 20-minute film adaption of elevated thoughts: 100 shadormas from 9,000ft. by Brennan and Prudente. The original poems, written in isolation, now bring over 50 artists together while they themselves are in isolation. Join us for this uniquely collaborative unifying experience.

ignition arts is committed to incubating new works and pioneering new ways of working.

Our unique residency options are artist-centered and community driven. We are focused on process, not product, to create something not only innovative, but necessary.

We strive to be digitally deliberate as we move our 2020 Season online to protect the wellbeing of the artists & communities we serve.

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      MAY 18th-22nd     

Ignition Arts is proud to host Jessica Huang as part of the Inaugural 4 Seasons Residency. During one week in May, Huang will be led through Brennan Check-In's personalized remote artist retreat specifically curated to ignite her creative process. The journey will be chronicled in podcast form by Gregory DeCandia on the Devising Podcast.

          June 2020          

A group of over 20 artists virtually assemble to create this auditory experiment. An exploration of all of our dark places and where we are willing to let in the light. The final part of the YA musical cycle, The Infinity Trilogy.

A singular experiment in creating a remote musical which will be licensed for performance after Summer 2020.

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          NOVEMBER 2nd, 2020          

The lines between reality and fiction blur in this singularly dark graphic novel play. A girl grapples with the carnage of her family’s dysfunction and roadkill removal business through art, but can art heal the trauma? Or are the scars as permanent as her sharpies?

A unique collaboration between graphic artists & performance artists. 


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