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ignition arts Writing Residency is a week-long collaboration between professionals and students that fosters the development of new work at critical junctures in the process.

Since 2018 New Jersey playwright, David Lee White has been our resident as he developing the Brennan & White YA Musical Trilogy THE INFINITY PLAYS.

Opportunities for submissions will be posted on this page in the future.

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Book by David Lee White

Music & Lyrics by Kate Brennan


       SUMMER 2020

        CREATIVE TEAM: Kate Brennan, Avery Bruce, Kristen Cerelli, ,                    Gregory DeCandia, Josh Goldhaber, Tanner Richardett, Sage                            Tokach & David Lee White

         ORIGINATING ENSEMBLE: Kelsey Bray, Avery Bruce, Josh                         Goldhaber, Erik Hamilton, Michael Jobe, Caroline Juelke, Jordan                     Kilgore, Maddy Larkin, Lisi Levy, Brennan Malone , Kat Metcalfe,                     DeMond Nason, Alyssa Peters , Zachary Prall, Corinne Prudente,                   Caroline Pugliese, Madeline Statter & Andrea Strickler

clean slate

         Directed by GREGORY DeCANDIA

          Rehearsals: May 11-18, 2019

          Workshop Performance: May 19, 2019

          Location: Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma

FB INVITE Clean Slate JPG.jpg


        Directed by Jorgé Donoso

         Rehearsals: May 11-18, 2019

         Workshop Performance: May 19, 2019

         Location: Oklahoma Contemporary

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