ignition arts produces four podcasts; features gender parity plays with Fair Play, promotes page-turning titles across all genres withThe Brennan Book Blog Podcast, charts the origins of the creative process with Devising, and partners up with Universities to chronicle their creative collaborations on campus and in the community with Thank You 10

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FAIR PLAY  believes that a lack of parity onstage translates to a lack of educational opportunities for student actors and a lack of job opportunities for female professionals. Each episode highlights plays that offer more opportunities for women onstage in six minutes or less. Fair Play is an Ignition Arts Podcast created by Kate Brennan and Kristen Cerelli with Gregory DeCandia as the Producing Engineer. 

THANK YOU 10 is a three-part podcast that features intimate interviews with creative individuals on and off the stage, on and off the page, on campus and in the community. Each episode concludes with a six-word story, an exercise attributed to Ernest Hemingway winning a bet. Challenged to write a story in less than ten words, Hemingway constructed: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn” in six. 






BRENNAN BOOK BLOG asks are you always looking for the next book that will keep you up all night? Find it here.  A book blog full of guaranteed page-turners to make you curse the clock and miss your stop. Created and hosted by Kate Brennan with Daniel Etti-Williams as Producing Engineer.

DEVISING is an original podcast chronicling creation and the process of the pioneers who forge new ground. Season 1 is dedicated to the development of the reimagined BA in Theatre & Performance at Oklahoma City University. Creator and host Gregory DeCandia interviews theatre artists, educators, business professionals, activists and innovators to distill the perfect formula for creating theatre artists of the future. Producing Engineer: Dawson MacLeod

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