Workshops for the Person, Project or Process:

Ignition has spent the past decade developing the methodology Brennan Check-In to enhance creative thinking, wellness and inspire new work and new ways of working. We have spent the past 9 months workshopping this virtually in an effort to be digitally deliberate. In working with individuals as well as large and small groups, we have tested effective ways to collaborate virtually and create ensemble and content while physically apart. 




RSVP for 5 Fridays of mindfulness, restorative yoga, breath work, and creative exercises.

Each class will be one hour long

looking for a new way?

Are you looking for curriculum for your program? Are you brainstorming ways to lead a rehearsal process or a team development? Do you need team-building help or wellness content? Do you want to bring more ease, calm and focus to your new digital workplace? Seeking to generate excitement around a project and trust amongst your colleagues?

Check-In with us to customize a process that will make your work more enjoyable, productive and mindful. 


Five hour-long workshops set around your schedule to generate creativity and mindfulness. Simple and sweet.                                       


Our creative curators will lead workshops once a day for five consecutive days. Mid-day, all participants will receive a curated email 4THOUGHT for a deeper dive into the work of the day. In addition to workshops, our teaching artists will have daily end-of-day check-ins with the participants to reflect on the experience.                                                                                       


After consulting with your needs, our creative curators will lead your process from start to finish over the course of 5 weeks. The five weeks will include workshops, check-ins and 4THOUGHTS with particular attention to maximizing the group’s strengths and identifying places to grow while creating a meaningful ensemble experience.                             



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