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The PATH Project


This year, Ignition commissioned 12 artists to create the soundtrack for a journey. These innovative creators have generated motivational meditations, fairytales, musical interludes and community-sourced interviews.


Where will the journey take you?


1. U – Having trouble getting started? Hannah Green guides you from wherever you are inside, to the world outside where you can take a minute to be with your thoughts before moving on. This walk is for you – no one else. Open mind, open heart.


2. Not Just a Pretty Princess – Ansley Brendel Horn and Elizabeth Brendel Horn create a fractured, fairy-tale world inspired by the parks of Utah. Torn dresses…scraped knees…Is this what it means to be a princess?


3. A Ceremonial Unveiling of the Golden Egg – Gregory Allison offers up a lyrical soundscape to accompany, and motivate, you on your walk. 


4. The Amerika Mixtape – Cris Eli Blak takes us on a walk of his hometown, sharing the landmarks and people that make up his memories. His hometown is our hometown. Welcome to Amerika. Walk with him.


5. the way  - Rowan K. Ching weaves a grief meditation and love letter in honor of Edith Louise Goldberg who passed away in March 2020 at 28. Listen, laugh, breathe and pay tribute. Sound: Shatter Pattern and Jules Lc


6. The Dusk Road to Dawn – Franky Gonzalez takes you for a walk on the Dark Path and offers up a confession. We’ve all been on the Night Walk. He reminds us that none of us walk alone.

7. By the Lake – The universe is smiling in Paul Fejko’s immersive, musical journey. The smiling stars embrace you. Greet the world with love.


8. Trail Mix – Set your walking pace, and your thoughts, with Jordan Kilgore. Appreciate the world you inhabit right now. Stay in the moment. Celebrate how far you’ve come and head confidently toward your next destination.


9. The Clouds – Mora V. Harris guides you through a conversation with the clouds. They’ve been watching you. And eavesdropping. And they have some stories to tell.


10. Bloomfield Avenue - Let Sean Ullmer guide you down the multifaceted mosaic that is Bloomfield Avenue in Essex County, the artery of this vibrant NJ town - cause every Main Street has a tale to tell.


11. Nature’s Mirror – And now a bit of walking theatre from Robert Pike. A group of performers add some whimsical poetry to your travels.


12. Walking: An Artistic Investigation – Louis DeVaughn Nelson takes you through a walking meditation involving all five senses. Make sure to bring some chocolate!

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The PATH Project was proudly supported by Ignition Arts Company Members Sage Tokach, Kaylila Pasha, David Lee White, Josh Goldhaber, Gregory DeCandia & Kate Brennan.

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