Brennan Check-In (BCI)

fuses Linklater Voicework, Yoga, Thai Bodywork, Mindfulness and Devising to empower more creative, accessible, present and self-sufficient individuals who are agents of their own well-being. A deep dive into what it means to be present and access a fully creative self in a sustainable, healthy, and generous way.



RSVP for 5 Fridays of mindfulness, restorative yoga, breath work, and creative exercises paving the way to Christmas. Each class will be 50 minutes long

and only $5. 

looking for a new way?

Are you looking for curriculum for your program? Are you brainstorming ways to lead a rehearsal process or a team development? Do you need team-building help or wellness content? Do you want to bring more ease, calm and focus to your new digital workplace? Seeking to generate excitement around a project and trust amongst your colleagues?

Check-In with us to customize a process that will make your work more enjoyable, productive and mindful. 


Five hour-long workshops set around your schedule to generate creativity and mindfulness. Simple and sweet.                                       


Our creative curators will lead workshops once a day for five consecutive days. Mid-day, all participants will receive a curated email 4THOUGHT for a deeper dive into the work of the day. In addition to workshops, our teaching artists will have daily end-of-day check-ins with the participants to reflect on the experience.                                                                                       


After consulting with your needs, our creative curators will lead your process from start to finish over the course of 5 weeks. The five weeks will include workshops, check-ins and 4THOUGHTS with particular attention to maximizing the group’s strengths and identifying places to grow while creating a meaningful ensemble experience.                             


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